what do i do?

I love to create and capture moments! I specialize in engagements and bridals, portraits, image retouching and custom watercolor portraits --- but have experience in many other areas! I have put a lot of passion and time into creating a happy experience for my amazing customers, many of whom have become good friends after working together!  Capturing these life moments are meant to be ENJOYABLE, not stressful. You can count on me to direct posing, advise on clothing, help pick the location, photoshop out that weird hair sticking up ;) and try my best to erase any other worries you may have. It's not just about getting great photos or art, it's about making memories along the way.  


I have always been an artist. My brain just works creatively. I pursued photography as a hobby in my younger years and turned it into a profession whilst studying photography at College in Dallas. My photography career in Texas was blossoming but after a few years I headed northwest to be in the mountains and learn more about business. Utah is a fabulous place for photos but if you are not in the area, I am always willing to travel!

How experienced am I? 

I launched my photo business in 2009 and graduated top of my college class in 2013 with a degree in photography. I can't think of a day I've gone without taking a photo since. I have been blessed with opportunities to do extensive photography and creative work for some of my favorite brands like Skullcandy, Keds, Teen Vogue, Pacsun, Nylon Magazine, Levis, Albion Fit and more, but at the end of the day my passion lies in working with people. I love getting to meet my clients and create treasurable art together.

My watercolor journey has been a combination of doodles over the  years and techinal training through a watercolor professor at The University of Utah. Every custom order i create comes with a lot of heart and originality. 

I can't wait to create something magical for you.